It is important for every family to think about being prepared for a natural disaster. Surviving an earth quake depends a lot upon your location. Many people will find themselves without power, food, or water for a long period of time. However, those who are prepared will have the food and water they need to survive.

An earthquake survival kit is a great, and easy way to prepare you and your family for an earthquake. Unfortunately, some people overlook the importance of having the proper supplies and think that the government will hand them everything. An earthquake survival kit will have all of the necessary supplies to get you through the disaster.

What’s in a Earthquake Survival Kit?

Food and Water
Food and water is the most vital thing to have in a survival situation. Without these two things, survival will be very difficult.

First Aid Kit
A first aid kit is another obvious thing to have in your survival kit. When you are exposed to the elements, you are more likely to have scraps, bruises, and other injuries.

Since, your power will most likely be out, most kits will have a light source. A good kit will have a reliable flashlight that you can use as a light source or for signaling.

Protection against various climate conditions is also an essential part of a survival kit. Blankets and ponchos are included to keep you and your family warm and dry.

Tents are included with any decent survival kit. They will provide you with good shelter Continue reading