During my trip to Australia I was able to experience many different amazing adventures. From hiking in Lake St. Clair National Park to surfing the Gold Coast and Even Hot Air Ballooning. Since I rarely get the travel, I wanted to get the most out of the trip. One of my main goals while on the trip was to see as much of Australia wildlife as I could. The first thing I noticed was the amount of kangaroos on my golf trip. They were very fun to watch, but I got used to them very quickly (much like I get used to spotting deer in my hometown here in the US.) However, I wanted to really get out there so I could see more of the wildlife. This meant I had to actively search and go on some of the wonderful tours that are offered.

My favorite tour by far was the Whale Watching Gold Coast tour. This was one of the few trips that was a truly unique experience. As we approached the 3 mile mark off of the Gold Coast, we spotted a few dolphins. but I had seen many dolphins before as I have vacationed to Florida many times in the past. Just after we spotted the dolphins I saw my first humpback whale breaching the water. This first sighting just made me realize how incredible the whale watching tour was. Continue reading